5.50.060  Permit - Application.
   A.   Practitioner permit - requirements.  Every application for a practitioner permit under this chapter shall contain the following information:
      1.   Name, residence address, and telephone number of applicant;
      2.   California driver’s license, if any, or other photographic identification, issued by a state or federal agency establishing the applicant’s age as 18 years or older;
      3.   The previous residence addresses of the applicant, if any, for a period of five years immediately prior to the date of application, and the dates of residence at each;
      4.   All other names previously used by applicant and the dates of use of each name;
      5.   The applicant’s weight, height, color of hair and eyes;
      6.   Two prints, two inches by two inches, of a recent portrait photograph;
      7.   Whether any license or permit has ever been issued to the applicant by any jurisdiction under the provisions of any ordinance or statute governing massage or somatic practice, and as to any license or permit, the name and address of the issuing authority, the effective dates of the license or permit, whether the license or permit was ever suspended, revoked, withdrawn or denied, and copies of any documentary materials relating to the suspension, revocation, withdrawal or denial;
      8.   Whether the applicant has within the five years immediately preceding the date of application been convicted in any state of any felony;
      9.   Whether the applicant is currently required to register under the provisions of Section 290 of the California Penal Code;
      10.   Whether the applicant, including any person as defined in subsection (J) of Section 5.50.020, or a former employer of the applicant while so employed or a building in which the applicant was so employed or a business conducted, was ever subjected to an abatement proceeding under Sections 11225 through 11235 of the California Penal Code or any similar provisions of law in a jurisdiction outside the state of California;
      11.   Documented proof that the applicant has satisfied the education requirements set forth in Section 5.50.040;
      12.   One set of the applicant’s fingerprints in a form satisfactory to the police chief.  Fingerprinting will be taken at a place designated by the police chief.  Any fee required for fingerprinting will be the responsibility of the applicant.  Any applicant who was not required to submit fingerprints with the original application shall be required to submit fingerprints with the renewal application;
      13.   The applicant’s business, occupation, and employment history for five years preceding the date of application, and the inclusive dates of same;
      14.   The other information as may be required by the police chief to determine compliance with any other eligibility requirements by issuance of the permit as specified by federal, state, or local law.
   B.   Owner permit - requirements.  The application for an owner permit shall provide all the information required under subsection (A) of this section as to any massage and/or bodywork practitioner owner or employee, and shall also state the following:
      1.   The exact nature of the proposed place of business and facilities therefore, and for massage and/or bodywork offices or establishments, the type of treatments to be administered;
      2.   If the applicant is a corporation, the name of the corporation shall be set forth exactly as shown in its articles of incorporation, together with the names and residence address of each of its officers, directors, and each stockholder holding more than 10% of the stock of the corporation.  The application shall include the information required by subsection (A) of this section for each of said individuals;
      3.   If the applicant is a partnership, the application shall set forth the name and residence address of each of the partners, including limited partners.  The application shall include information required by subsection (A) of this section for each said individuals.  If one or more of the partners is a corporation, the provisions of this section pertaining to a corporate applicant shall apply;
      4.   New applicants applying after January 1, 2004 shall provide the name and address of the owner and lessor of the real property upon or in which the business is to be conducted.  In the event the applicant is not the legal owner of the property, the application must be accompanied by a copy of any written lease between the applicant and owner, or alternatively, a written acknowledgement from the owner of the property or a written statement by the applicant certifying that the owner of the property has been advised that a massage establishment will be located on the owner’s property.
   C.   Any application for renewal of an owner permit or a practitioner permit shall contain all the information set forth in subsections (A) and (B) of this section; however, the information shall only be required as to the period of time between the date of the prior application and the date of the renewal application. 
(Ord. 728, 2004).