1.09.040  Use of administrative citations.
   A.   Any person violating any provision of this code may be issued an administrative citation by an Enforcement Officer as provided in this chapter.
   B.   Each and every day a violation of any provision of this code exists shall constitute a separate and distinct offense for which an administrative citation may be issued by an Enforcement Officer.
   C.   The responsible person(s) creating, committing, condoning, or maintaining a violation of any provision of the codes and ordinances identified in the Gridley Municipal Code shall be subject to civil penalties as established in this chapter.
   D.   Separate civil penalties may be assessed for separate violations for each day of occurrence.
   E.   Full or partial reimbursement or recovery of civil penalties and administrative expenses shall not excuse the failure to correct the violations wholly and permanently nor shall it preclude the assessment of additional civil penalties or other abatement actions by the City of Gridley.
   F.   Civil penalties and related administrative expenses, including attorneys' fees, shall accrue to the account of the City of Gridley and may be recovered by all appropriate legal means, including but not limited to priority lien and special assessment of the general tax levy, or by civil and small claims action brought by the City of Gridley, or both.
(Ord. 791-2010 (part), 2010)