(a)   Credit cards are used to support the City's purchasing and payable processes.
   (b)   Card issuance is limited to employees as indicated in Section 213.02(c).
   (c)   Goods and services must be authorized before purchase by the department head or appointing authority.
   (d)   When possible, card users should take reasonable steps to obtain the best pricing.
   (e)   Credit cards will be kept in the Auditor' s office. City employees must come to the Auditor's office to sign out a credit card. A sign out sheet must be filled out including employee signature, vendor, and time of sign out of card. Card is to be returned by end of business day. Auditor's office personnel will note time of return and initial off.
(Res. 19-55.  Passed 5-7-19; Res. 21-37.  Passed 3-16-21.)