(a)   Card Type.
      (1)   The issued cards will be bank issued credit cards that will be administered by the Auditor's office and in the name of the Auditor and the Mayor.
      (2)   The card's limit, allowable purchases, and places the card can be used will be limited by this policy, other applicable City policies, and the City Auditor.
      (3)   There are two accounts:
         A.   General credit card for all purchases approved by the Auditor.
         B.   Travel credit card for travel expenses only as approved by the Auditor.
   (b)   Limit.  The credit card limit will be set by the City Auditor.
   (c)   Eligibility.  Any City employee, with the approval of their department head or appointing authority as indicated, may use City credit cards for authorized City expenditures.
(Res. 19-55.  Passed 5-7-19; Res. 21-37.  Passed 3-16-21.)