There is hereby created the Parks and Recreation Advisory Council, whose members shall meet not less than one time per calendar year for the purpose of gathering information and making recommendations to the Board of Park Commissioners relating to the improvement of the parks and recreational programs and facilities serving the citizens of the City.  The Parks and Recreation Advisory Council shall consist of six members who shall be residents of the City, and who shall be appointed as follows:
   (a)   Two members appointed by Council, one of whom shall be appointed from and serve while serving as a member of Council;
   (b)   Two members appointed by the Board of Park Commissioners;
   (c)   One administrator of the Greenville City Schools, as appointed by the Superintendent of the Greenville City Schools; and
   (d)   One member appointed by the Mayor.
   Each member of the Advisory Council shall serve for a three-year term, with the initial appointments being accomplished in such a manner as will result in two of the members of the Advisory Council being appointed on or before January 30 of each calendar year. 
(Ord. 00-151.  Passed 10-17-00.)