Every licensee hereunder shall constantly maintain the licensed premises in the manner hereinafter prescribed.
   (A)   Such premises shall at all times be maintained so as not to constitute a nuisance, or a menace to the health and welfare of the community or to residents nearby, or a place for the breeding of rodents and vermin.
   (B)   No garbage or other organic waste shall be stored on such premises.
   (C)   The manner of storage and arrangement of junk and the drainage facilities of the premises shall be such as to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water upon the licensed land and to facilitate access for inspection purposes and firefighting.
   (D)   No junk shall be stored or accumulated, nor shall any structure be erected, within 60 feet of the side and rear lines of the licensed premises, nor within 75 feet of any existing dwelling house erected upon premises adjacent to the licensed premises. Nor shall any junk be stored or accumulated or any structure be erected that is used in connection with said junkyard within 60 feet of that line of the licensed premises abutting a public street or highway within the township; provided that in cases where two or more lines of the licensed premises abut public streets or highways within the township, one line only of such premises shall be governed by the above-provided setback of 60 feet; provided that nothing contained in this division (D) shall apply to existing structures pertaining to and being used in connection with junkyards presently established and operating.
   (E)   Every structure erected upon the licensed premises and used in connection therewith shall be of fireproof construction.
   (F)   The premises shall be enclosed by a solid barrier-type fence, constructed of wood or other nonporous material, or, in lieu thereof, a solid masonry or metal wall of a uniform design, texture and structure. The erection of such fence or wall shall be controlled by the setback provisions of division (D) above. Such fence or wall shall not be less than six feet in height, nor shall two or more vehicles, or major parts thereof, be stacked on top of one another or otherwise as to protrude above it. The erection of said fence shall be completed before issuance of license. If, in the sole and exclusive opinion of a majority of the Board of Township Supervisors, it should appear that the owner and/or operator of a junkyard situated within the township has clearly demonstrated that he or she is making a continuing bona fide effort to comply with the fencing provisions of this division (F), then, and in such event, the Board may, in its sole discretion, grant an extension of time to such owner or operator of a junkyard for the completion of the erection of said fence, upon receipt of a written letter from said junkyard owner or operator requesting such an extension of time. It is further provided that the foregoing fencing provisions shall be applicable only to that portion of the premises being immediately used for the storage of junk, and shall not be applicable to the balance of the property owned or used by said junkyard operator, so long as said remaining portion of land is not being used for the storage of junk, as defined in this chapter. A plan of said fencing must be submitted to the Township Supervisors prior to its installation in order to ensure compliance with this section.
(2003 Code, § 106-12)  (Ord. 2-82, passed 4-6-1982)  Penalty, see § 10.99