§ 154.99  PENALTY.
   (A)   (1)   Criminal.
         (a)   Any person who shall violate §§ 154.01 or 154.02 shall be fined not less than $20, nor more than $100.
         (b)   Where Kentucky Revised Statutes mandates a fine higher than that stipulated herein, the fine contained in Kentucky Revised Statutes shall apply.
         (c)   Any continuing violation of §§ 154.01 and 154.02 shall be considered a separate and distinct offense for each day on which a violation occurs or continues, and a separate penalty may be imposed therefor.
      (2)   Civil.
         (a)   Any person who shall violate §§ 154.01 or 154.02 shall subject the offender to a civil penalty in an amount equal to two times the minimum fine prescribed in this chapter, with a minimum civil penalty of $50 for each violation.
         (b)   The civil penalty provided herein may be recovered by the city in a civil action in the nature of a debt if the offender does not pay the penalty within 20 days after the offender has been cited for the chapter violation.  As used herein, “cited” shall mean notified of the violation and the penalty in writing by an elected or appointed official of the city or the official attorney for the city.  The civil penalty may be used as an alternative to or in conjunction with the criminal penalties authorized herein.
(Ord. G-D3, Series 1999-2000, passed 8-24-99)
   (B)   Any person or entity who violates § 154.03 shall be fine not less than $10, but not more than $100 for each violation.  Each day of violation shall constitute a separate offense.  (Ord. G-D3, Series 1997-98, passed 6-24-97)