Chap. 1301. Ohio Building Code.
      Chap. 1303. Residential Code of Ohio.
      Chap. 1304. National Electrical Code.
      Chap. 1305. Numbering Structures.
      Chap. 1310. Landscape Plan.
      Chap. 1313. High Voltage Towers.
      Chap. 1317. Grade Changes.
      Chap. 1318. Driveways.
      Chap. 1321. Unsafe Structures.
      Chap. 1325. Property Maintenance Code.
      Chap. 1329. Road Opening Permits.
      Chap. 1330. Miscellaneous Provisions.
      Chap. 1331. Notice of Foreclosure and Registration of Vacant Structures and Buildings.
      Chap. 1332. Occupancy and Rental License Permits.