For the purpose of §§ 52.01 through 52.04 and 52.15 through 52.29, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS. Facilities or assets used for:
      (1)   Water supply, treatment, and distribution;
      (2)   Waste water collection, transmission, treatment, and disposal;
      (3)   Drainage and flood control;
      (4)   Transportation; or
      (5)   Parks and recreation.
   DEVELOPMENT. Conducting a building or mining operation, making a physical change in the use or appearance of a structure or land, dividing land into two or more parcels (including partitions and subdivisions), and creating or terminating a right of access.
   IMPROVEMENT FEE. A fee for cost associated with capital improvements to be constructed after the date the fee is adopted pursuant to § 52.15.
   LAND AREA. The area of a parcel of land as measured by projection of the parcel boundaries upon a horizontal plane with the exception of a portion of the parcel within a recorded right-of-way or easement subject to a servitude for a public street or scenic or preservation purposes.
   OWNER. The owner or owners of record title or the purchaser or purchasers under a recorded sales agreement, and other persons having an interest of record in the described real property.
   PARCEL OF LAND. A lot, parcel, block, or other tract of land that is occupied or may be occupied by a structure or structures or other use, and that includes the yards and other open spaces required under the zoning, subdivision, or other development ordinances.
   QUALIFIED PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS. A capital improvement that is:
      (1)   Required as a condition of residential development approval;
      (2)   Identified in the plan adopted pursuant to § 52.19; or
      (3)   Not located on or contiguous to a parcel of land that is the subject of the residential development approval.
   REIMBURSEMENT FEE. A fee for the cost associated with capital improvements constructed or under construction on the date the fee is adopted pursuant to § 52.15.
   SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT CHARGE. A reimbursement fee, an improvement fee, or a combination thereof. An SDC will be collected at the time of increased usage of a capital improvement, at the time of issuance of a development permit or a building permit, or at the time of connection to the capital improvement. SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT CHARGE includes that portion of the sewer or water system connection charge that is greater than the amount necessary to reimburse the city for its average cost of inspecting and installing connections with water and sewer facilities. SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT CHARGE does not include fees assessed or collected as part of a local improvement district or a charge in lieu of a local improvement district assessment, or the cost of complying with requirements or conditions imposed by a land use decision.
(Ord. 332, passed 11-20-1998)