Prior to the establishment of a system development charge, the Council shall adopt a plan that lists the capital improvements that may be funded with improvement fee revenues; lists the estimated cost and time of construction of each improvement; and describes the process for modifying the plan. In adopting this plan, the Council may incorporate by reference all or a portion of any public facilities plan, master plan, capital improvement plan, or similar plan that contains the information required by this section. The Council may modify the plan and list at any time. A change in the amount of a reimbursement fee or an improvement fee is not a modification of the system development charge if the change in the amount is based on the periodic application of an adopted specific cost index or a modification to any of the factors related to the rates that are incorporated in the established methodology.
(Ord. 332, passed 11-20-1998; Ord. 02-2003, passed 3-10-2003)