A.   Unless otherwise expressly provided, any person, firm or corporation convicted of violating any provision of this chapter shall be fined as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code. Every day that a violation of this chapter occurs shall constitute a separate and distinct offense. (1978 Code § 3-1-13; amd. 2011 Code)
   B.   Whenever a person, firm or corporation shall neglect or refuse to procure any license required by this code, or otherwise violates the terms of this chapter, the village administrator is authorized to cause appropriate legal action and proceedings to be instituted to enforce the license requirement. (1978 Code § 3-1-13)
   C.   The village administrator shall take all necessary and appropriate action to compel compliance with the regulatory provisions of this chapter. When necessary and expedient, he may call upon the chief of police and the members of his department to assist in such enforcement, and it shall be the duty of the chief of police and the members of his department to perform such enforcement acts as may be required of them. All village employees duly authorized and acting as license inspectors shall be conservators of the peace with police powers for the purpose of enforcing the provisions of this code and other village ordinances relating to the licensing of businesses and occupations and their regulations. Members who are conservators of the peace must successfully complete the training course administered by the Illinois law enforcement training standards board. (1978 Code § 3-1-13; amd. 2011 Code)