A.   Preparation Of Plat; Contents: Three (3) prints of a preliminary plat, with necessary supporting sheets which shall constitute a part thereof, showing the proposed plan of subdivision shall be submitted to the village clerk on behalf of the village board, along with the required filing fee. Such plat shall show and give the following information insofar as possible:
      1.   Identification And Description:
         a.   The proposed name of the subdivision.
         b.   The location by township, section, town and range, or by other legal description.
         c.   The names and addresses of the owners, the developer and the designer who made the plat, and the title under which the proposed subdivision is to be recorded.
         d.   The scale of the plat which shall not be smaller than one inch to one hundred feet (1" = 100').
         e.   The date of preparation.
         f.   The north point.
      2.   Delineation Of Existing Conditions:
         a.   The boundary lines of the proposed subdivision indicated by a solid heavy line and a notation of the approximate total acreage encompassed thereby.
         b.   The location, widths and names of all existing streets or other public ways, railroad and utility rights of way, easements, parks and other public spaces, permanent buildings and structures, and section and corporation lines within and adjacent to the tract.
         c.   The exact locations of existing sanitary and storm sewers, water mains, culverts and other underground facilities within the tract and to a distance of one hundred feet (100') beyond the tract, and the invert grade elevations of catch basins, manholes and culverts.
         d.   The boundary lines of adjacent properties for a distance of not less than one hundred feet (100') from the proposed subdivision. Ownership of these properties shall be shown wherever possible.
         e.   The existing zoning classifications of the proposed subdivision and adjacent tracts.
         f.   Topographic data within the tract and on adjacent properties for a distance of not less than one hundred feet (100') beyond the tract including existent contours at vertical intervals of not more than two feet (2'), except in such unusual topographical conditions which demand one foot (1') intervals as determined and required by the village engineer. The location of watercourses, marshes, floodplains, drainage patterns and facilities, vegetative cover and other significant natural or manmade features shall be indicated. Soil boring data and seepage tests may be required at locations and depths as determined by the village engineer.
         g.   The locations of or reference to locations of existing monuments or survey markers used in preparation of surveys, and the grade elevation of each monument and marker.
         h.   The owner's and engineer's certification regarding the effect of construction of such subdivision on the drainage of surface waters, using language as set forth in subsection 12-3-9C of this chapter.
         i.   A general description of predominant soil types on the tracts, their location and their limitations for the proposed use.
      3.   Delineation Of Proposed Conditions:
         a.   The street system, including right of way widths and street names, with proposed through streets shown extending to the boundaries of the subdivision. Proposed streets which are obviously in alignment or are a continuation of existing streets already named shall bear the name of the existing street. In no case shall the name for the proposed streets duplicate or be confused with existing street names in the village or within one and one-half (11/2) miles of the corporate limits thereof, irrespective of the use of the suffix street, avenue, road, boulevard, drive, place or court, or an abbreviation thereof.
         b.   The location and width of alleys, pedestrianways and utility easements. Drainage easements are the only ones which need to be shown in detail. Other easements may be shown in a tentative location.
         c.   The layout, numbers and typical dimensions of blocks and lots scaled to the nearest foot, and the proposed land use for each lot, parcel or tract.
         d.   The building setback lines, indicating dimensions.
         e.   The proposed village zoning districts for subdivisions to be annexed into the village prior to filing the final plat or to be rezoned from its existing classification prior to filing the final plat.
         f.   The areas, other than those listed in subsections A3a, A3b and A3c of this section, intended to be dedicated or received for community facilities, indicating for each the approximate acreage. Such areas shall be designated by letter or number.
         g.   The lots or parcels of land not suitable for construction, where known, and not intended for dedication or temporarily reserved for public use.
         h.   An outline of protective covenants if applicable.
         i.   A general description of the type, kind, character and extent of required improvements proposed to be constructed or installed.
         j.   Such other information or data that the plan commission may require for the full and complete consideration of the proposed plan of the subdivision.
         k.   The areas and acreage proposed to be excavated, graded and filled, sodded or seeded and vegetatively stabilized or left undisturbed. (1978 Code § 7-2-2-2)
   B.   Plan Commission Action:
      1.   All preliminary plats filed with the village clerk shall be deemed to be automatically referred to the plan commission for its consideration and approval or disapproval. Plats shall be submitted at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the meeting at which they are to be considered.
      2.   The plan commission shall rule on the preliminary plat within sixty (60) days following receipt of the plat from the village clerk. The plan commission may require such changes or revisions as are deemed necessary in the interests and needs of the community, in keeping with the provisions of this title. In the event that the plan involves special problems or is in conflict with the plan commission's planning studies, the plan commission shall notify the owner or subdivider as to the time and place of the plan commission meeting at which he shall be afforded an opportunity of being heard. (1978 Code § 7-2-2-3)
   C.   Qualifications For Tentative Conditional Approval Of Plat:
      1.   The approval of a preliminary plat by the plan commission and the village board is strictly tentative involving merely the general acceptability of the layout as submitted.
      2.   The plan commission may require such changes or revisions as are deemed necessary in the interest and needs of the community, in keeping with the provisions of this title.
      3.   No land will be approved for subdivision which is subject to periodic flooding or which contains inadequate drainage facilities unless such areas become a unified part of contiguous lots or parcels not subject to flooding; however, if the subdivider agrees to make improvements which will, in the opinion of the village engineer, make such land completely safe for residential or commercial occupancy providing adequate drainage, subdivision of such land may be approved.
      4.   Conditional approval shall be effective for not more than twelve (12) months following the date of approval by the village board unless, upon written application by the subdivider, a written extension of time is granted by the plan commission. Where less than the entire land as shown on the preliminary plat is contained in the initial final plat to be filed for record, such recordations shall automatically extend the approval of the unrecorded balance of the preliminary plat for the successive twelve (12) month period. If the final plat has not been recorded within this time limit, the preliminary plat must again be submitted to the plan commission for approval.
      5.   Approval of a preliminary plat shall not constitute a waiver of any improvement requirements set by ordinance of the village subsequent to this approval but prior to submission of the final plat. (1978 Code § 7-2-2-4)
   D.   Notice Of Conditional Approval: Upon approval of the preliminary plat by the plan commission, the following statement, signed by the chair, shall be placed on each print and map comprising the preliminary plat:
Notice is hereby given that this preliminary plat has received the conditional approval of the Plan Commission of the Village of Glendale Heights, subject to                     , and that the Plan Commission is now ready to receive the final plat for consideration.
Chairman, Plan Commission of the Village of Glendale Heights
(1978 Code § 7-2-2-5)
   E.   Village Board Action: Within thirty (30) days after approval of the preliminary plat by the plan commission, it shall be either approved or disapproved by the village board. (1978 Code § 7-2-2-6)
   F.   Distribution Of Copies: The prints comprising the preliminary plat shall, upon approval, be distributed as follows:
      1.   One print shall be retained by the plan commission.
      2.   One print shall be retained by the village engineer.
      3.   One print shall be returned to the subdivider. (1978 Code § 7-2-2-7)
   G.   Disapproval Of Plat; Resubmittal: If the preliminary plat and plans for specifications required by this chapter are finally disapproved by the plan commission, one print of the proposed preliminary plat and one copy of the proposed plans and specifications for land improvements shall be retained by the plan commission and the remaining copy returned to the subdivider with a written statement of the reasons for such disapproval. If this plan is refiled within six (6) months and is essentially a revision of the previously disapproved plan, one-half (1/2) of the filing fee shall be waived. If it is essentially a new plan or is not presented within the six (6) month time limit, the payment of the full filing fee shall be required. (1978 Code § 7-2-2-8)