12-3-9: FINAL PLAT:
   A.   Submission Of Plat:
      1.   Within twelve (12) months after receiving the last required approval of the preliminary plat and supporting documents by the plan commission and the village board, or a period of time beyond twelve (12) months that may be granted by the plan commission upon formal request in writing, there shall be submitted to the plan commission a final plat of all or a part of the area included in the approved preliminary plat. The original tracing of the final plat plus all copies required by the village, along with all construction plans and specifications and other supporting documents, shall be submitted to the plan commission.
      2.   The final plat shall retain the design characteristics of the approved preliminary plat. The plat and supporting documents shall be submitted to the plan commission through the village engineer. The village engineer will immediately notify the subdivider when, upon checking the documents, he finds that all of the requirements of this chapter have not been met so that the necessary changes can be made or missing documents supplied. In no case shall the village engineer forward the final plat to the plan commission until all the required supporting documents have been submitted. (1978 Code § 7-2-3-1)
   B.   Contents Of Plat: The final plat shall show the following:
      1.   Identification And Description:
         a.   The proposed name of the subdivision.
         b.   The location by township, section, town and range or by other legal description.
         c.   The names and addresses of the owner, the developer and the designer who made the plat, and the title under which the proposed subdivision is to be recorded. This plat shall be certificated by a registered land surveyor of the state.
         d.   The scale of the plat, not smaller than one inch to one hundred feet (1" = 100').
         e.   The date of preparation.
         f.   The north point.
      2.   Delineation:
         a.   The boundary of the plat based on an accurate traverse, with angular and linear dimensions. The error of closure of such boundary line survey shall not exceed standards established by the village engineer.
         b.   The exact locations, widths and names of all streets within and adjoining the plat, and the exact locations and widths of all alleys and crosswalks. Proposed street names shall be in conformity with the street naming plan of the village.
         c.   The true angles and distances to the nearest established street lines or official monuments, not less than two (2) of which shall be accurately described on the plat.
         d.   The locations of all permanent lot markers as actually installed, or to be installed. Lot markers shall be installed in accordance with village standards.
         e.   The municipal, township or section lines accurately tied to the lines of the subdivision by distances and angles.
         f.   The radii, internal angles, points of curvature, tangents, bearings and lengths of all curves.
         g.   All easements of rights of way for public service utilities or other purposes. All easements shall also be drainage easements.
         h.   All lot and block numbers with their lines accurately dimensioned in feet and hundredths, and where an angle occurs in any lot line between lot corners, the measurement of the angle shall be shown in degrees, minutes and seconds.
         i.   The building setback lines accurately shown and dimensioned in feet and hundredths.
         j.   Accurate outlines and legal descriptions of any areas to be dedicated or reserved for public use, with the purposes indicated thereon, and of any area to be reserved by deed covenant for the common use of all property owners. When the tract dedicated or reserved for public use is not within the corporate limits of the village, the certificate of dedication shall provide that the future official act of annexation of such tract to the village shall constitute a transfer of title to the village for such public use.
      3.   Certificates:
         a.   Appropriate certificates shall be submitted as follows with the final two (2) certificates certified last and in the order listed:
            (1)   Owner's certificate.
            (2)   Notary certificate.
            (3)   County clerk certificate.
            (4)   Certificate as to special assessments.
            (5)   Surveyor's certificate.
            (6)   Plan commission certificate.
            (7)   Village board certificate.
         b.   Certification on final plats of subdivisions located in the unincorporated areas within one and one-half (11/2) miles beyond the village limits shall be those required by the county subdivision regulations, except where the village regulations are more restrictive; the applicable village subdivision certifications shall also be required.
      4.   Size Of Plat: In order to comply with requirements for recording, each plat shall be at least eight and one-half inches by fourteen inches (81/2" x 14") but no more than thirty inches by thirty six inches (30" x 36") in size. (1978 Code § 7-2-3-2)
   C.   Supporting Documents:
      1.   The following supporting documents shall be submitted:
         a.   A statement signed by the subdivider setting forth the public improvements he proposes to make in the subdivision and agreeing to make such improvements at his own expense, including all costs of inspection by the village engineer during construction, within the time limit agreed to by the subdivider and the plan commission, and to maintain such improvements for one year after their formal acceptance by the village board. This agreement shall provide for the method of selection of the contractors engaged to construct the improvements, require their approval by the village engineer and require them to submit evidence and indemnify the village against any loss or damage to persons or property during the course of the work. Such agreement is subject to approval of the final plat by the village board. Protective covenants which meet the approval of the plan commission shall be lettered on the final plat or appropriately referenced thereon.
         b.   Specifications and drawings including profiles, cross sections and details as applicable, of all proposed public improvements. Elevations shall be referenced to the standard village datum. Evidence shall be submitted by virtue of engineering calculations that the local utilities can satisfactorily serve the area by the utility easements shown.
         c.   Complete estimates of costs of all proposed public improvements, including costs of engineering and inspection.
         d.   A statement signed by the village engineer approving the specifications, drawings and estimates of costs.
         e.   A duly executed performance bond by the subdivider, with corporate sureties to be approved by the village board of trustees. The bond shall be filed with the village clerk in an amount equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the estimate of the costs of construction of all improvements. The bond shall be certified by the village attorney as good, valid and enforceable by the village, securing the satisfactory completion of all improvements in accordance with the description, plans, profiles and specifications submitted by the subdivider and approved by the plan commission.
         f.   In lieu of the performance bond provided in subsection C1e of this section, the subdivider may deposit cash or establish an escrow account in the amount of one hundred percent (100%) of the estimate for the total cost of the improvements with the village treasurer, which money is to be disbursed by him from time to time upon receipt of payment estimates signed by the village engineer, the developer and the village president. The maximum amount to be disbursed shall be ninety percent (90%). The remaining ten percent (10%) shall be held as a maintenance bond or can be replaced by a surety bond to be held until the end of the maintenance period.
         g.   Written evidence from the proper governmental agencies of their willingness to approve of the acceptability of locations which are reserved for public use but not dedicated.
         h.   A house numbering address map.
         i.   Statements of protective covenants which meet with the approval of the plan commission.
         j.   A certificate signed by a registered professional engineer and the owner of the land or his attorney which shall read as follows:
   ) SS
To the best of our knowledge and belief, the drainage of surface waters will not be changed by the construction of such subdivision or any part thereof, or, that if such surface water drainage will be changed, adequate provision has been made for collection and diversion of such surface waters into public areas, or drains which the subdivider has a right to use, and that such surface waters will not be deposited on the property of adjoining land owners in such concentrations as may cause damage to the adjoining property because of the construction of the subdivision.
Dated this     day of           , 20  .
      2.   Such supporting documents, as set forth above, shall not be required for subdivisions located in the unincorporated areas one and one-half (11/2) miles beyond the village limits when there is evidence that the supporting documents have been submitted to and approved by the county officials; except, where the village standards for public improvements are of higher quality than county standards, such applicable supporting documents shall be required by the village. (1978 Code § 7-2-3-3)
   D.   Approvals Required:
      1.   Plan Commission:
         a.   The plan commission shall rule on the final plat within sixty (60) days following receipt of the plat from the subdivider. In the event of a special problem, the plan commission may notify the owner or subdivider as to the time and place of the plan commission meeting at which he will be afforded an opportunity of being heard; however, should the plan commission require an amendment of the final plat, the time for ruling on the final plat with amendments may be extended thirty (30) days after receipt of such amendments from the subdivider.
         b.   When the plan commission has approved the final plat, with amendments if any, it shall be signed by the chair and attested by the recording secretary on the form provided.
         c.   After approval by the plan commission, the final plat shall be transmitted to the village board, together with a letter of transmittal calling attention to all variations, if any, approved by the plan commission and its reasons for approving them, and conveying to the village board such other information as the plan commission may deem necessary. The plan commission shall also transmit to the village board the supporting documents submitted with the final plat.
      2.   Village Board: When the village board is satisfied with the final plat and the supporting documents submitted therewith, it shall, by resolution, approve the plat and authorize the president to sign the approval form provided. Such approval shall be attested by the village clerk and sealed with the corporate seal of the village. (1978 Code § 7-2-3-4)
   E.   Distribution Of Copies: Upon approval of the final plat by the village board, the signed copies of the final plat and supporting documents shall be distributed as follows:
      1.   The original tracing and all necessary copies shall be forwarded to the village clerk for recording purposes;
      2.   One print shall be returned to the subdivider for his files; and
      3.   One print shall be retained in the plan commission files. (1978 Code § 7-2-3-5)
   F.   Recording Final Plat: When there has been compliance with all requirements prior to recording, the village clerk shall record the final plat, along with all necessary copies, with the county recorder. The village clerk shall also file one true and exact copy with the county board of election commissioners. The original recorded plat shall be retained by the village clerk on file. (1978 Code § 7-2-3-6)