TITLE TWO - Planning
      Chap. 1220.  Planning Commission.
      Chap. 1222.  Development Projects.
      Chap. 1224.  Subdivision Regulations. (Repealed)
      Chap. 1226.  Comprehensive Plan.
      Chap. 1228.  Development Plan for Unincorporated Areas of the City.
      Chap. 1230.  Land Reutilization Program.
   TITLE FOUR - Subdivision Regulations
      Chap. 1240.  General Provisions and Definitions.
      Chap. 1242.  Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
      Chap. 1244.  Platting Procedure.
      Chap. 1246.  Design Standards.
      Chap. 1248.  Improvements.
      Chap. 1250.  Agreements and Guarantees.
   TITLE SIX - Zoning
      Chap. 1260.  General Provisions and Definitions.
      Chap. 1262.  Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
      Chap. 1264.  Board of Zoning Appeals.
      Chap. 1266.  Amendments.
      Chap. 1268.  Districts Generally and Zoning Maps.
      Chap. 1270.  Residential Districts.
      Chap. 1271.  Sexually Oriented Businesses.
      Chap. 1272.  Industrial and Commercial Districts.
      Chap. 1274.  Nonconforming Uses, Lots and Structures.
      Chap. 1276.  Site Development Plans.
      Chap. 1278.  Conditional Use Permits.
      Chap. 1280.  Supplementary Regulations.
      Chap. 1282.  Child Day-Care Homes.
      Chap. 1290.  Telecommunications Facilities.
      Chap. 1292.  Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Siting.
      Chap. 1293.  Sign Regulations.