In the operation of the hospital, all money received shall be deposited in the name of the Board of Governors in such proper financial institution or institutions as the Board shall order. The Board of Governors shall have power to make all proper expenditures for the operation of the hospital. Expenditures may only be made by proper vouchers signed by the President of the Garrett County Memorial Hospital or by the President’s designee. Proper books and accounts shall be kept and maintained of all receipts and expenditures by the Board of Governors in the operation of the hospital and shall be audited not less than once a year by a duly qualified independent auditor or accountant appointed by the hospital. The hospital shall make a report on the audit to the County Commissioners. The Board of Governors shall have power from time to time in the maintenance of the hospital and from the funds thereof to make such repairs as may be required upon the building or buildings comprising the hospital and to purchase the supplies and equipment as may be necessary in the hospital’s operation and maintenance, but shall not have authority, without the consent of the Board of County Commissioners, to erect, construct or make any additions to the improvements located on the property conveyed by the Mayor and Town Council to the County Commissioners for the Garrett County Memorial Hospital.
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