From and after March 31, 1953, the County Commissioners shall have the power to levy for the operation and maintenance of the hospital. If a deficit shall be found to exist in such operation and maintenance, the County Commissioners shall have the power to appropriate out of the funds so levied such amount or amounts as may be deemed necessary for the purposes of the hospital. In the event of a deficit in the operation in excess of the amount levied in any 1 year, the County Commissioners, upon the proper monthly certification by the Board of Governors of the existence of the deficit, shall have the power and authority to borrow such amount as may be necessary to meet the deficit, and any such loan or loans and accrued interest thereon shall be levied and paid out of the next succeeding year’s levy.
(1986 Code, § 71-6)  (1957 Code, § 405; 1950, Ch. 25, § 6; 1953, Ch. 165, § 6)