(A)   General. The following provisions shall further apply and shall supersede any and all references listed within the adopted Edition of the National Electrical Code - 2005 Edition - NFPA No. 70.
   (B)   Additions, insertions and changes.
      (1)   Article 210.12 Arc-fault Circuit- Interrupter Protection - Delete entire section.
      (2)   Article 230.43 Wiring methods - Delete the following:
         (1)   Open wiring on insulators
         (2)   Type IGS Cable
         (6)   Electric nonmetallic tubing (ENT)
         (7)   Service-entrance cable
         (8)   Wireways
         (9)   Busways
         (10)   Auxiliary gutters
         (11)   Rigid nonmetallic conduit
         (12)   Cablebus
         (13)   TypeNC Cable
         (14)   Mineral-insulated, metal sheathed cable
         (15)   Flexible metal conduit
         (16)   Liquid-tight flexible nonmetallic conduit
      (3)   Article 310.2(B) - Delete “aluminum, copper-clad aluminum, or”.
      (4)   Article 314.1 add the following: All boxes installed at a conductor splice point, outlet, switch point, junction point or pull point shall be a Minimum of 4 x 4-1/2 inch steel Exception - ceiling fan boxes.
      (5)   334.10 Type NM, NMC, and NMS shall be approved for single-family homes only.
      (6)   334.15 (D) Type NM and NMC shall not be permitted to be exposed except in unfinished attics, and under-floor spaces.
      (7)   334.40 (D) add the following: When type NM or NMC is used, a 12 inch loop shall be left before entering a box or device.
      (8)   362 Electric non-metallic tubing: delete the section in its entirety.
      (9)   394 Knob-and-tube wiring: delete the section in its entirety.
(Ord. VG09-008, passed 9-30-2009)