(A)   General. The following provisions shall further apply and shall supersede any and all references listed within the adopted edition of the International Building Code - 2003 Edition.
   (B)   Additions, insertions and changes.
      (1)   Section 101.1 Insert “Village of Gardner”.
      (2)   Section 105.8 Add a new section and the following:
         Pre work inspection. When a permit application is submitted, this allows the municipality to perform a pre permit inspection to determine existing conditions.
      (3)   Section 105.9 Add a new section and the following:
         Unique construction.
         When a project has unique features, unusual construction sequences or out of the ordinary construction techniques, the Building Department shall have the authority to require additional documentation to determine code compliance. The Building Inspector may also add additional fees to the building permit based on the additional inspections required or to cover the cost of specialized inspections or outside inspection or testing agencies.
         Unique features or unusual construction sequence is a project where the use of features or sequences, which create the need for additional inspections other than those normally, requested by the building inspector. The features or a sequence of operations, which creates additional inspections, can create this.
      (4)   Section 106.2.1 Add a new section and the following:
         Compliance with Site Plan
         It shall be the responsibility of the builder/developer to submit to the Building and Zoning Department a spot survey prepared by a Registered Land Surveyor after the foundation is installed. This survey must be at a scale of not less than one inch equal to thirty feet (1”=30’). The survey must also indicate the elevation above sea level of the top of the foundation wall and the top of the curb and sidewalk at lot lines extended relative to a United States Geological Survey benchmark. No construction will be allowed to proceed except for decking, underground water and sewer, and related items until the spot survey is approved by the Building and Zoning Department. This Section applies to principal structures only and not to additions or accessory structures.
      (5)   Section 108.1 “Payment of Fees” - Add the following. Insert “Building Permit fee schedule shall be determined by Ordinance by the Village Council”.
      (6)   Section 112      “Means of Appeal”. Delete 112.1 - 112.3 and Insert-
         Section 112.1 Application for appeal: Any person shall have the right to appeal a decision of the code official to the Board of Appeals. An application for appeal shall be based on a claim that the true intent of this code or the rules legally adopted thereunder have been incorrectly interpreted, the provisions of this code do not fully apply, or an equivalent form of construction is to be used.
         Section 112.2 Membership of Board: The Board of Appeals shall be comprised of the Mayor and Board of Commissioners of the Village of Gardner.
         Section 112.3 Open Hearing: All hearings before the Board shall be open to the public and in compliance with the provisions of the Open Meetings Act. The appellant, the appellant’s representative, the code official and any person whose interests are affected shall be given an opportunity to be heard.
         Section 112.4 Board Decision: The Board shall affirm, modify or reverse the decision of the code official by a concurring vote of a majority of its members.
         Section 112.5 Court Review: Any person, whether or not a previous party of the appeal, shall have the right to apply to the appropriate court for appropriate relief to correct errors of law. Application for review shall be made in the manner and time required by law following the filing of the decision in the office of the chief administrative officer.
      (7)   Section 113.4 “Violation Penalties” - Insert the following: The penalties shall be as determined by Ordinance by the Village Council.
      (8)   Section 302.1.2 Add a new section and the following:
         Office spaces. Office spaces five hundred (500) square feet and larger in buildings of Use Groups F and S shall be separated from the warehouse or factory area with a minimum floor to roof deck or floor/ceiling assembly of a minimum of one hour fire rating.
      (9)   Section 406.1.4 Change item U 1 as follows:
         Garage separation. Groups R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4 or I-1 shall be separated from adjacent interior spaces by a fire partition having a fire resistance rating of not less than one (1) hour. All beams, columns and support walls supporting living spaces shall be protected. The door assembly leading from the garage to the interior space shall carry a one (1) hour fire rating and shall be supplied with an automatic self-closing device. If an attic opening is located within the garage, this opening must also carry a one (1) hour fire resistance rating.
      (10)   Section 406.1.5. Add a new section and the following:
         Gas curbs. Minimum 4-inch high gas curbs are to be provided in and around the entire garage floor area in all attached garages. The pitch from rear to front must not be less than .05 percent.
      (11)   Table 601 Add the following line:
         Tenant separations. There shall be a minimum of a one-hour fire separation (vertically and horizontally) separating different tenants.
      (12)   Section 901.6 Change to read as follows:
         All water flow switches, valve supervision, trouble signals, fire alarm systems shall transmit and alarm to a location approved by the code official.
      (13)   Section 903.4.2 Add the following sentence:
         Provide a strobe above the fire department connection for all sprinkler and standpipe systems.
      (14)   Add new section:
         903.6 Sprinkler system design criteria. Sprinkler hydraulic designs for NFPA 13 and NFPA 13R systems shall be designed with a minimum of a five (5) pound difference between the sprinkler system design including hose requirements and the available water supply. The five (5) pound safety factor shall be applied to the water flow test after any adjustments for a seasonal low.
      (15)   Chapter 11 Insert the following text.
         When there is a conflict between this Chapter and the Illinois Accessibility Code the stricter of the two codes shall apply.
      (16)   Section 1612. Insert the date and name of the flood study for the Village of Gardner.
      (17)   Sections 1805.0 Footings and Foundations all references to wood footings and foundations are deleted. The use of wood footings and foundations is prohibited.
      (18)   Section: 2701.1 Delete the reference to the ICC Electrical Code and add the following paragraph:
         The Village Building Official shall require that the provisions of the 2005 edition of the “National Electric Code” as presently in force or as the same may be hereafter amended or modified, be incorporated herein by reference and adopted as the standard and that all such installations shall conform to the provisions of the “National Electric Code.” Any conflicts concerning the provisions of these codes shall be determined by the strictest standard contained in the provisions
      (19)   Section 2901.1 Delete references to the International Plumbing Code and add the following:
         The Village Building Official shall require that the provisions of the current “Illinois Plumbing Code Law”, 225 Illinois Complied Statues 320/1 et seq., as presently in force or as the same may be hereafter amended or modified and the same is hereby incorporated herein by reference and adopted as the standard for the purposes of this Ordinance. Any conflicts concerning the provisions of these codes shall be determined by the strictest standard contained in the code provisions.
      (20)   Chapter 29 Plumbing Systems Delete the Chapter in its entirety.
      (21)   Section 3002.4.
         One elevator to be used in all new buildings shall be sized for stretcher use by the fire department. Minimum size to be 2500 pounds with a clear inside dimension to accommodate a 24-inch x 84-inch stretcher. It shall be identified by the international symbol for emergency medical services (star of life). The symbol shall not be less than 3 inches high and shall be placed inside of both sides of the hoistway door frame.
      (22)   Section 3003.2 Change to reads as follows:
         All automatic operation elevators intended to serve the needs of emergency personnel for fire fighting purposes shall be equipped with elevator emergency operations in accordance with ASME AI7.I Sec. 211.3 listed in Chapter 35.
      (23)   Section 3003.2.1 Add the following: Smoke detectors shall be installed in each elevator lobby, front and rear, at each floor, elevator shaft and machine room. The smoke detectors shall be installed in accordance with section 907.0.
      (24)   Section 3003.2.2 Add the following:
         The emergency operation shall be activated by any smoke detector located in elevator lobbies, front and rear, elevator shaft and machine room.
         The detector installation shall consist of two cross zoned smoke detectors within the elevator lobbies, shaft and machine room or a smoke detector monitored by an alarm verification zone or approved equivalent method.
      (25)   Section 3003.2.3 Add the following:
         Emergency signs shall be changed to read: A pictograph sign of an approved standard type (Appendix H Figure HI, page 314 ASME A17.1) shall be posted over each elevator call station on all floors front and rear, indicating that in case of fire, the occupants shall not use the elevators and that stairways are the approved method of exit.
      (26)   Section 3301.3. Add a new section and the following: Add a new section and the following:
         Mud and debris control. Builders are responsible for
            a.   Mud left on streets by contractors or material suppliers must be cleaned at least at the end of each day, and more often if the accumulation is sufficient to cause a hazard.
            b.   Material debris must be placed in a dumpster at the end of each day or any confined area such as a garage, etc.
            c.   Crossing landscaped areas, improved parkways, or adjacent properties is prohibited.
         Compliance with this control will provide and enhance the natural beauty of the environment. Failure to comply with this control requirement will result in:
            a.   A fine/or penalties
            b.   Suspension of building permit.
      (27)   Section 3303.4 Vacant lots Delete the section and insert the following:
         Restoration of demolition site.
         All foundations, walls, footings, concrete floors, and other concrete in areas below grade must be removed. All demolition debris, including, but not limited to bricks, concrete, wood and metal shall be removed, and all voids resulting from the above removal shall be filled to at least the existing grade with granular materials in accordance with Section 213 of the State of Illinois Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge construction, except that a maximum of twenty (20) percent of non-organic rubble may be used as fill material. The area must then be swaled for proper drain-off. The land must be restored as close as possible to its original stage. The final top layer of fill shall contain adequate topsoil to sustain grass and be seeded in a professional manner.
         The only exception to this shall be when the proposed site is 5 or more acres in size and when the demolition/restoration would, to a large degree, include the filling of areas over 2 acres in size below existing grade. Provided that the above conditions are met, the applicant may choose to create a retention/detention storm water facility or another type of open space recreation facility, which obtains its main attractiveness through the use of permanent surface waters of 2 acres or more in size. The applicant would be required to provide a facility, which is safe for its intended or potential users as provided in other sections of the Gardner Municipal Code. The applicant would also have to provide the previously mentioned survey of the facility and design the facility according to good engineering practice to enable it to function for indeterminate time periods without extensive maintenance or harm to neighboring properties, public facilities or groundwater resources. The ownership and maintenance of the facility shall be negotiated with the Village as part of the review process enabling demolition. The Director of Public Works based on their potential merits or impact on the community shall consider specific items not directly covered.
      (28)   Sections 3410.2 insert May 22, 1972.
      (29)   Referenced standards:
         (a)   Delete the references to the International Electric Code;
         (b)   Delete the references to the International Existing Building Code;
         (c)   Delete the references to the International Plumbing Code;
         (d)   Delete the references to the International Private Sewage Disposal Code; and
         (e)   Delete the references to the International Urban-Wildland Interface Code.
      (30)   Adopt the following appendices H-105 and H-106
(Ord. VG09-008, passed 9-30-2009)