(a)   All requests for the temporary closing or block of a public street or alley, or any portion thereof, shall be submitted in writing to the City Manager at least one week prior to the requested closing date.
   (b)   Emergency closings or blockages, necessitated by man-made or natural disasters, or emergency public utility repairs, may be immediately authorized by any department head, or in his/her absence, by a supervisor in charge.  These rules and procedures shall be followed anytime any portion of a street or alley will be impeded with construction equipment or the resulting excavation.
   (c)   All requests (except “block parties” addressed separately below) shall include at least the following information:
      (1)   Name, address and phone number of the petitioner.
      (2)   Name and section of street or alley to be closed or temporarily blocked.
      (3)   Reason for the closing or blocking.
      (4)   Dates and time of closing or blocking.
      (5)   A sketch, map or description of the locations and types of traffic control devices to be utilized: such as barricades, signs, lights and detour routes.
   (d)   After review of the request, the City Manager may approve or deny the request, or he may place additional restrictions or stipulations on the information supplied in subsection (c)(4) and (5).  If a request is denied a written explanation shall be given to the petitioner.
   (e)   All requests for closing a street to accommodate a neighborhood “block party” shall be submitted on a form supplied by the City, which will contain at least the following information:
      (1)   Name, address and phone number of petitioner.
      (2)   Name and extent of street to be closed.
      (3)   Date and times of closing.
      (4)   An itemized list of each address affected by the closing, with a space provided for the signature of each addressee indicating concurrence with the requested street closing.
      (5)   Approval, denial or conditional approval listing those conditions upon which approval is granted.
   (f)   Further stipulations concerning street closing for block parties:
      (1)   No permit fee is required.
      (2)   Only a City resident may apply for a permit.
      (3)   Requests will not be granted for such main streets as: All State Routes.
      (4)   No intoxicating beverages are permitted on public property.
      (5)   The petitioner is responsible for the placement and removal of the appropriate signs and barricades at each entrance point to the closed street.  The signs should be at least 24" x 24" stating: “STREET CLOSED (TIME TO TIME)”.
      (6)   If the closing lasts after the daylight hours, reflective tape or flashing lights must be used with each barricade.
      (7)   No closing may extend after midnight.
      (8)   An aisleway must be maintained along the closed street, wide enough to provide access by emergency vehicles.  The barricades must be such that they could be easily moved for access by such emergency vehicles.
      (9)   A copy of each approved request will be forwarded to the Police, Fire and Service Departments.
      (10)   The City Manager may stipulate such other conditions on the permit as he deems necessary.
      (11)   The City Manager may revoke an approved permit if it is determined that any of the information in the application is false or misrepresented, or if any of the stated rules are not followed.
         (Ord. 2005-24.  Passed 4-5-05.)