Fire Offenses
1504.01   Authority at fires and other emergencies.
1504.02   Interference with Fire Department operations.
1504.03   Compliance with orders.
1504.04   Vehicles crossing fire hose.
1504.05   Definition of authorized emergency vehicle.
1504.06   Operation of vehicles on approach of authorized emergency vehicles.
1504.07   Vehicles following fire apparatus.
1504.08   Unlawful boarding or tampering with Fire Department emergency equipment.
1504.09   Blocking fire hydrants and Fire Department connections.
1504.10   Hydrant use approval.
1504.11   Public water supply.
1504.12   Yard systems.
1504.13   Maintenance of fire suppression and protection equipment.
1504.14   Sale of defective fire extinguishers.
1504.15   Street obstructions.
1504.16   Conflicting ordinances.
1504.99   Penalty.