(a)   For residential projects:
      (1)   For new construction, additions and alterations to one and two family dwellings and accessory structures:
   No charge for a base fee for a $100 to $999 project; $75.00 for a base fee for a $1,000 to $9,999 project; $125 for a base fee for a $10,000.00- $99,999.99 project; .2% for a $100,000 plus project.
      (2)   For demolition of residential structure: $50.00 plus contractor registration fee.
   (b)   For commercial and industrial structures:
      (1)   For new construction, additions and alterations to commercial and industrial structures:
   No charge for a base fee for a $1 to $999.99 project; $1,000.00- $9.999.99 fee is $75.00; $10,000.00-$99.999.99 fee is $125.00; $100,000 plus project fee is .3% of project.
      (2)   For demolition of commercial structure; $75.00.
   (c)   For floodplain development: $75.00 for residential, commercial or industrial.
   (d)   For construction review which includes Gallipolis City Planning Commission, Gallipolis City Board of Zoning Appeals, Gallipolis Historic Preservation Review Board hearings:    $75.00 for each residential hearing; $100.00 for each commercial or industrial hearing.
   (e)   For zoning hearings: $100 for each residential, commercial or industrial hearing.
   (f)   For residential and commercial fire initial inspection, $100.00; for re- inspection, $50.00; for subsequent re-inspections, $25.00.
   (g)   For residential and commercial special inspections, $50.00
   (h)   Street Cut Fee for all Projects.  Fee is $125.00 plus $2.00 per five (5) linear feet per cut.  If the City comes back to repair within five (5) years, contractor shall be responsible for payment of the additional cost of time and material plus 20% administrative cost to the City.
   (i)   Governmental Bodies Exempt From Fees.  No fees shall be charged the State or the United States Government, or any political subdivision thereof, for their erection or alteration of buildings within the City limits.
   (j)   Late fees shall be charged for any project begun prior to permit application: $50.00 for residential, $100.00 for commercial/industrial.
   All fees shall be paid to the City Manager or his designee who shall turn the same over to the City Auditor to be placed in the General Fund.
(Ord.  2020-09.  Passed 3-3-20.)