The following development standards are required for arranging and developing land and buildings in the GC General Commercial District.
   (a)   Minimum Yard and Lot Requirements:
      (1)   Minimum lot area: Twenty thousand square feet (20,000 s.f.).
      (2)   Minimum front or street side yard depth:
            Alleys: Ten feet (10') from dedicated right-of-way.
            Streets: Twenty feet (20') from dedicated right-of-way.
            State Highways: Sixty feet (60') from dedicated right-of-way.
      (3)   Minimum side yard: For parking and structures, ten feet (10'); for uses abutting any residential district, fifteen feet(15').
      (4)   Maximum lot coverage of buildings only: Sixty percent (60%).
      (5)   Maximum impervious lot coverage: Eighty-five percent (85%).
      (6)   Minimum rear yard depth: Ten feet (10').
   (b)   Building Height Regulations.  No principal structure shall exceed three (3) stories or forty-five feet (45') in height above ground level and no accessory structure shall exceed one (1) story or fifteen feet (15') in height, except as provided in Section 1181.10 .
   (c)   Site Development Requirements.
      (1)   Applicable sections of the sign, parking, and subdivision regulations must be met for all permitted and conditional uses.
      (2)   One (1) curb cut shall be allowed for each one hundred twenty feet (120') of width.  On corner lots, one (1) curb cut is permitted for each fronting street, provided that each curb cut is at least sixty feet (60') from the right- of-way of the intersecting streets.
      (3)   The site shall be designed to minimize conflict points and provide adequate on-site vehicle storage for expected peak hour use.  Stacking space for automobiles utilizing drive-throughs shall be provided, identified, and separated from all other parking aisles and access drives.  Parking areas including driving aisle ways shall be set back a minimum of ten feet (10') from a publicly dedicated right-of-way.
      (4)   All waste containers shall be stored within a bulk waste container surrounded by a permanent screen wall not less than six (6') feet in height.
      (5)   All side and rear yards adjacent to any residential use shall be screened with a minimum continuous six foot (6') opaque wall, fence, or earth mound located no closer than three feet (3') from the property lines, unless:
         A.   All parking and business activities are conducted at least forty feet (40') from the residential lot line.
         B.   A strip of land not less than twenty feet (20') in width is landscaped with evergreen hedge or dense planting of evergreen shrubs not less than four feet (4') in height at the time of planting.
      (6)   No screening wall or fence shall obscure traffic visibility within fifty feet (50') of an intersection.  All screening walls or fences shall be maintained in good condition and shall not be used to display advertising or other signs.
      (7)   When a GC General Commercial District use abuts R-1, R-2, R-3, or R-4 Residential uses, the applicant shall provide plans to create a better transition between the two uses.  Acceptable plans shall include a combination of landscape barriers, increased yards, and fencing.
         (Ord. 2001-35.  Passed 7-17-01.)