The following uses shall be allowed in the GC General Commercial District in accordance with procedures described in Chapter 1145.
   (a)   Warehouses, whether or not they are open to the general public, subject to site location.
   (b)   Plant nurseries and greenhouses with retail sales to the general public provided that all heating plants are located not less than two hundred feet (200') from any lot line. 
(Ord. 2001-35.  Passed 7-17-01.)
   (c)   Any permitted use requiring outdoor display or storage at the discretion of the Code Enforcement Officer with the approval of the City Manager.
      (Ord. 2002-60.  Passed 7-16-02.)
   (d)   Adult cabarets, adult bookstores, and adult video stores (Section 1181.13).
   (e)   Residential dwellings, except for mobile homes.
      (Ord. 2001-35.  Passed 7-17-01.)