(a)   It shall be unlawful for any person to subdivide or lay out into lots any land within the municipality unless it be by a plat complying with the regulations herein contained, and no plat  shall be recorded and no lot or land shall be sold from any such plat until said plat has been approved as herein required.
   (b)   The design and layout of all subdivisions shall conform with the requirements of Chapter 1113.  The subdivider shall make improvements and shall submit preliminary and final plans, all in accordance with Chapters 1109 and 1117 of these Regulations.
   (c)   The division of a tract into five parcels or less, fronting upon an existing street, and where the transfer is to be accomplished by the recording of a deed rather than a plat, requires the approval of the Planning Commission before it can be recorded.  Such approval may be accomplished in the manner provided in Section 1109.04.
(Ord. 67-11.  Passed 1-24-67.)