The following list constitutes the official street tree species for the City.  No species other than those included in this list may be planted as street trees without written permission of the Tree Committee.  Trees planted shall be at least three-fourths inch in diameter, one foot above the soil line and the trunk shall be single.
   (a)   Small Trees:  Crabapple, flowering; Pear, Callery; Maple, Paperbark; Cherry, Sargent; Lilac, Japanese Tree; Buckeye, Red; Maple, Trident; Maple, Tatarian; Plum, Purpleleaf; Hawthorn.
   (b)   Medium Trees:  Japanese Pagoda; Hornbean - European and American; Hophornbean, American; Turkish Hazel/Filbert; Elm, Chinese (lacebark); Linden, Crimean; Oak, Sawtooth; Maple, hedge; Hardy Rubber Tree; Sourwood; Goldenraintree.
   (c)   Large Trees:  Maple - Sugar, Norway and Red; Gingko; Honeylocust (thornless); London Plane; Oak - Red, White, Black, Shingle, Scarlet, Shumard, English, Bur and Swamp White; Sweetgum; Linden - Silver, Redmond and Littleleaf; Black Tupelo; Coffeetree, Kentuky; Ash - Green and White; American Plane (Sycamore).
   (d)   Prohibited Trees:  Poplar (all species), Willow, Catalpa, Black Walnut, Mulberry, Box Elder, Nut Trees, Silver Maple, Siberian Elm, Tree of Heaven, Common Horsechestnut, Evergreen.
      (Ord. 91-67.  Passed 12-17-91.)