(a)   Every one and two-family dwelling where garbage and/or rubbish and trash is produced shall be charged by the City for collection and disposal of same at such rate as provided by ordinance of Council.
   (b)   Billing and Due Date.  All garbage and/or rubbish collection bills shall be billed and payable monthly in advance when the sewer and water bill is payable.
   (c)   Termination of Water Service for Failure to Pay.  In the event of failure to pay the bill for garbage and/or rubbish collection and disposal service, the City shall suspend or discontinue water service to the delinquent premises until all unpaid billings have been paid in full.  In the event of discontinuance of water service, the charge for restoration of service shall be paid.
   (d)   Lien for Unpaid Charges.  Each charge for the collection and disposal of garbage and/or rubbish that is levied pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall be made a lien on the premises to which service was rendered.  After the expiration of ninety days from the termination of service for failure to pay the trash bill, any unpaid charges shall be certified by the City Auditor and to the County Auditor for collection.  It shall be placed on the tax duplicate with interest and penalties allowed by law and be collected as other municipal taxes are collected.
(1977 Code Secs.  10-15 to 10-17.)
   (e)   Each residential customer where garbage and/or rubbish and trash are produced shall be charged the following rate beginning on October 1 of each year:
$21.49 per month
$22.28 per month
$23.09 per month
$23.91 per month
(Ord. 2019-27.  Passed 9-3-19.)
   (f)   That effective the September 2009 billing that an additional amount of $.22 per month for each residential customer be charged for the solid waste disposal increase of $1.25 per ton mandated by the Ohio Legislature and implemented August 1, 2009.
(Ord. 2009-52.  Passed 9-1-09.)
   (g)   The City’s contractor shall be in charge of collecting a reasonable accumulation of garbage and refuse from each residence during a collection period.  This rate shall permit each tenant, owner or occupant to place and have removed by the Contractor of up to six bags of garbage and/or rubbish per pickup.  The charge for excessive pickup shall be either a minimum of thirty dollars ($30.00) or such higher charge as shall be determined to be appropriate by the City Manager or the Code Enforcement Officer based on the amount or volume of items to be picked up by the Contractor.  Occasional excessive pickups for general cleanups will be waived, excluding rental properties.  (Ord. 2013-56.  Passed 10-1-13.)