941.04  SALE OF LOTS.
   (a)   Card; Deed.  The sexton shall exhibit the cemetery lots for sale to persons desiring to purchase the same, and when a lot or part of a lot is selected, the sexton shall furnish to the purchaser a card, signed by the sexton, stating the section, number of lot, size of parcel and price thereof.  When so advised by such card, the City Auditor shall arrange for the sale of such lot or parcel, and, upon full payment of the purchase price, shall execute and deliver to the purchaser a deed therefor.
   (b)   Records of Sales and Transfers.  Duplicate records of all sales and transfers and of the ownership of all cemetery lots shall be made, one of which records shall be kept in the office of the City Auditor and the other in the office of the sexton.  The City Auditor shall promptly report to the sexton all sales, forfeitures and transfers of lots, to the end that such duplicate records shall correspond.
   (c)   Transfer of Ownership.  No sale or transfer of a cemetery lot by a lot owner, except by descent, shall be effective or binding upon the City until the instrument of conveyance thereof shall be presented to the City Auditor for transfer on her records.  Transfers by descent may be made by affidavit.  A fee of one dollar ($1.00) shall be charged for making every such transfer.
   (d)   Survey, Plat and Recordation Prior to Sale Required.  No cemetery lot shall be sold until the ground has been surveyed, platted and recorded in a plat book provided for that purpose and kept in the office of the sexton.  A duplicate record shall be maintained by the City Auditor.
(1977 Code Sec.  6-7 to 6-10.)