(a)   No person, corporation, partnership or firm engaging in business of any kind shall engage in that business within the City without first registering with the Income Tax Administrator and providing the following information:
      (1)   The name, business address and mailing address of the company, individual, partnership or firm;
      (2)   The telephone number of such company, individual, partnership or firm;
      (3)   The type of business in which such company, individual, partnership or firm is engaged;
      (4)   Such other information as the Income Tax Administrator may require; and
      (5)   The name and position of the person providing the information.
   (b)   Before any permit may be issued by the Code Enforcement Officer to any person or firm shall first provide proof of compliance with the provisions of the City Income Tax Code.
   (c)   The applicant shall have a registration certificate as supplied by the City displayed in a conspicuous location at the business premises or job site.
(Ord. 88-20.  Passed 4-5-88.)