(a)   No peddler, canvasser or solicitor shall engage in such business without first obtaining a license issued by the Police Chief.
   (b)   No owner of any product of his own raising, or the manufacturer of any article manufactured by him, need obtain a license to vend or sell, by himself or his agent, any such article or product, nor shall the licensing provisions of this chapter apply to persons selling by sample only.  The licensing provisions of this chapter shall not apply to a person making delivery of goods, wares or merchandise thereto sold by an establishment having a permanent place of business, or to a person making sales of the following items of daily household consumption: baked goods, fruits and vegetables or dairy products; or to a person soliciting the purchase of goods, wares, merchandise or gifts for or on behalf of any recognized educational, civic, religious or charitable organization.
(1977 Code Sec.  18-2.)