Chap. 701.  Billiard Rooms and Pool Halls.
Chap. 703.  Oil and Gas Wells.
Chap. 705.  Peddlers, Solicitors, Canvassers,  and Itinerant Vendors.
Chap. 707.  Public Dances.
Chap. 709.  Taxicabs.
Chap. 711.  Pawnbrokers.
Chap. 713.  Junk Yards.
Chap. 715.  Amusement Arcades and Devices.
Chap. 717.  Arborists.
Chap. 719.  Collection of Garbage, Solid Waste and Other Discarded Materials.
Chap. 725.  Temporary Businesses.
Chap. 729.  Vending Devices in the Design Review District #1.
Chap. 731.  Small Cell Facilities and Wireless Support Structures.
Chap. 741.  Sexually Oriented Businesses.
Chap. 752.  Massage Establishments.
Chap. 769.  Tattooing Establishments. (Repealed)
Chap. 775.  Nursing and Rest Homes.
Chap. 781.  Private Alarm Systems.
Chap. 791.  Video Service Providers.