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15.20.005. Planned residential development zones.
   The following planned residential development zones are established:
   A.   PRD (planned residential development) is intended to provide development standards for dwelling units in hillside and other areas to provide common open space, recreational areas and/or conservation of natural terrain. PRD is also intended to implement the Greenbelt Concept of the Fullerton General Plan. Sections 15.20.010 through 15.20.090 pertain to the PRD classification.
   B.   PRD-I (planned residential development - infill) is intended to provide development standards for vacant or underutilized sites which may be located within existing residential neighborhoods or on sites identified in the General Plan as appropriate for residential development. PRD-I also includes opportunities for non-residential development on the ground floor in certain areas. Sections 15.20.110 through 15.20.160 pertain to the PRD-I classification.
(Ord. 3229 (part), 2016).