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15.20.010. Intent and purpose.
   A.   The PRD zone is intended to minimize grading and facilitate development in hillside and other areas, where achieving a higher unit density under the existing zoning and traditional development patterns would normally result in the loss of natural terrain or other important site features.
   B.   The PRD zone utilizes flexible development standards that permit smaller individual lots and clustering of dwelling units, which in turn facilitates the conservation of natural terrain and other important site features such as common open space and recreational areas. It is not the intent of the PRD zone to provide a means for obtaining densities significantly higher than those that could be obtained by conventional zoning on the same land.
   C.   The PRD zone is also intended to implement the Greenbelt Concept of the Fullerton General Plan for those PRD-zoned sites located in the Greenbelt Concept areas.
(Ord. 2982, 2001).