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15.50.030.   Requirements and procedures for review.
   A.   A Landscape Documentation Package shall be submitted to the Community Development Department for review and approval for all projects subject to the provisions of the Fullerton Landscape Ordinance.
   B.   A standard Landscape Documentation Package shall include:
      1.   Water Efficient Landscape Calculations pursuant to Section 15.50.035;
      2.   Soil Management Report pursuant to Section 15.50.040;
      3.   Certified Landscape Design Plan pursuant to Section 15.50.045;
      4.   Certified Irrigation Design Plan pursuant to Section 15.50.050;
      5.   Certified Grading Design Plan pursuant to Section 15.50.052, unless grading information is included in the Landscape Design Plan for the project or unless the landscape project is limited to replacement planting and/or irrigation to rehabilitate an existing landscape area;
      6.   Final Project Certification pursuant to Section 15.50.055; and
      7.   One-year Maintenance Deposit pursuant to Section 15.50.060.
   C.   Certain projects shall require additional information as part of the Landscape Documentation Package as follows:
      1.   Irrigation Audit Report pursuant to Section 15.50.055.C.
      2.   Private yard and open space documentation pursuant to Section 15.50.090.B.
      3.   Public education pursuant to 15.50.110.
   D.   The following Landscape Documentation Package Items shall be submitted for review and approval prior to the issuance of building permits:
      1.   Water efficient landscape calculations;
      2.   Soil Management Report, where project grading is minimal such that the soil characteristics will not be significantly altered during construction;
      3.   Certified Landscape Design Plan;
      4.   Certified Irrigation Design Plan; and
      5.   Certified Grading Design Plan, where applicable pursuant to Section 15.50.52.
   E.   Installation of landscaping and irrigation subject to a Landscape Documentation Package shall not proceed without the issuance of landscape, plumbing, and/or water engineering permits.
   F.   The following Landscape Documentation Package items shall be submitted for review and approval as a prerequisite to the final occupancy approval of the property:
      1.   Soil Management Report, where project grading impacted the soil characteristics;
      2.   Final Project Certification;
      3.   One-year Maintenance Deposit;
      4.   Irrigation Audit Report, when required pursuant to Section 15.50.055.D; and
      5.   Private yard and open space documentation when required by Section 15.50.090.B.
(Ord. 3226, 2015; Ord. 3134, 2009)