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15.50.090.   Treatment of private yards or open space.
   A.   When a project is being developed that includes unimproved private yards or open spaces to be landscaped or otherwise completed by the buyer of the lot, the Landscape Documentation Package shall be prepared with assumptions as to the ultimate improvement of these areas such that the Water Efficient Landscape Calculations consider all outdoor water use of the project.
   B.   The CC&Rs, or other binding document provided to buyer at time of sale (if the project does not have CC&Rs), shall include sufficient parameters such that the private yard or open space improvements are completed consistent with the estimated water usage. The information provided to the buyer shall include, at a minimum, sample landscape and irrigation plans with plant and material pallets and shall not preclude the use of low water use plants as a group. It is recommended that multiple designs be developed with a menu of options from which the buyer could develop a design consistent with the Water Efficient Landscape Calculation assumptions.
(Ord. 3226 (part), 2016; Ord. 3134, 2009)