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15.50.055.   Final Project Certification.
   A.   Landscape Installation Certificate of Completion in the form included as Appendix D shall be submitted upon completion of the project, and shall include: (i) certification by a landscape professional that the landscape project has been installed per the approved Landscape Documentation Package; and (ii) the following statement: “The landscaping has been installed in substantial conformance to the design plans, and complies with the provisions of the Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance for the efficient use of water in the landscape.”
   B.   Establishment period and post-establishment period irrigation schedule parameters shall be affixed inside irrigation controller boxes.
   C.   For landscaped areas with 75% or more of the total landscaped area irrigated with spray heads (spray, pop-up stream rotator, stream rotor, or other spray head), an irrigation audit report shall be provided from a certified irrigation auditor to verify that the irrigation system is operating as designed and that the design complies with the Fullerton Landscape Ordinance.
   D.   An irrigation audit report from a local agency landscape irrigation auditor or third party certified landscape irrigation auditor, documentation of enrollment in regional or City of Fullerton Water Utility water conservation programs, and/or documentation that the MAWA and EAWU information for the landscape project has been submitted to the City of Fullerton Water Utility may be required at the option of the City. Example Inspection Affidavit is included as Appendix H.
      1.   Landscape audits shall not be conducted by the person who designed or installed the landscape.
      2.   In large projects or projects with multiple landscape installations (i.e. production home developments or common interest developments) an auditing rate of 1 in 7 lots or approximately 15% will satisfy this requirement.
(Ord. 3226 (part), 2016; Ord. 3134, 2009)