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   (a)   The purpose of a planned development ("PD") district is to encourage the unified design of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional uses, including combinations of uses that are not otherwise attainable under conventional base zoning districts.  A planned development district may be created in any base zoning district for the purposes of:
      (1)   Allowing for different types of residential uses in residential districts where the use is not allowed;
      (2)   Providing for two or more uses or mix of residential uses not otherwise allowed or conditional in the zoning district in which the property is located, subject to certain development regulations and a site plan;
      (3)   Where required in accordance with the use tables in Chapter 4, Articles 6, 8 and 12; or
      (4)   Where restricting a minority of uses in a base zoning district.
   (b)   A planned development district is not intended to circumvent decisions of the Board of Adjustment and an application for a planned development district shall not be accepted within two years of a decision by the Board of Adjustment where the development standard proposed for the planned development district is substantially similar to the request made where there was a final decision by the Board of Adjustment.
(Ord. 20159-04-2012, § 1 (Exh. A), passed 4-3-2012; Ord. 23609-03-2019, § 5, passed 3-19-2019)