(A)   The application for a permit to operate a massage establishment, an escort service, or a nude modeling studio under this chapter shall be made with the City Controller on forms provided by the City Controller, and shall contain the following information:
      (1)   The name of the applicant, social security number, and all aliases and business names used by the applicant to conduct business;
      (2)   The residence address of the applicant, and applicant's residence addresses for the past ten years and the dates of residency at each such address;
      (3)   A copy of a valid Indiana driver's license or Indiana state identification card;
      (4)   The applicant's fingerprints taken within the previous 60 days by the Fort Wayne Police Department;
      (5)   Employment history for the ten years prior to the date of application, and all massage or similar business history and experience;
      (6)   A list of all applicant's convictions, excluding traffic violations;
      (7)   A picture of the applicant;
      (8)   The business address of the applicant;
      (9)   The number of massage tables, showers, stalls or other such individual units in the establishment.
      (10)   Applicant information:
         (a)   In the case of an individual: age, social security number, date of birth and citizenship of the applicant;
         (b)   In the case of a corporation or partnership: date of incorporation or partnership, federal identification number and citizenship of each manager, officer or partner;
      (11)   In the case of a corporation, the state in which it is incorporated;
      (12)   Information regarding persons employed by the applicant's establishment or who have a financial interest in the applicant's establishment: names, addresses, date of birth, social security numbers, citizenship and designations;
      (13)   Whether any applicant, or in the case of a corporation, its managers, officers, directors or stockholders, have ever been previously engaged in operating a massage establishment;
      (14)   Whether any applicant, or in the case of a corporation, its managers, officers, directors or stockholders, have ever been convicted of any act of violence, moral turpitude, sex offense including but not limited to prostitution or public indecency involving the act of touching oneself or another in a sexual manner (see § 114.10(F)) or prior violation of this chapter;
      (15)   Authorization for the city, its agents and employees to seek information and to conduct an investigation into the truth of the statements set forth in the application and to permit inspection.
   (B)   If there is any change in the permitted business during the term of the permit such that the information provided in the application form is no longer complete or accurate, then the permittee shall notify the City Controller in writing within 30 days after such change occurs.  Failure to comply with this division (B) shall be a violation of the Code.
   (C)   The City Controller shall forward the completed permit application to the City of Fort Wayne Board of Public Safety. The Board of Public Safety shall vote on the permit application and shall either approve or deny the permit. A massage establishment, an escort service or a nude modeling studio may not be open for business if it does not have a current permit.
(Ord. 06-99, passed 5-25-99; Am. Ord. G-16-07, passed 6-12-07)