§ 114.10  OPERATION.
   (A)   No massage establishment shall be kept open for any purpose between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. ('74 Code, 7-13) (Ord S-46-87, passed 3/10/87)
   (B)   No massage establishment shall be operated or conducted in living quarters, and no one shall use such business premises for a place of habitation.  No massage establishment shall have a separate entrance or opening to living quarters, and the entrances to such business premises must be separate from the entrances to any places of habitation.
   (C)   No person employed by any permit holder under this chapter or allowed to be within view of any of the services rendered by a massage establishment service shall be under the age of 18 years.
   (D)   Each person employed in an establishment permitted under this chapter, shall wear clean outer garments with a fully opaque covering of such person's sexual and/or genital areas.
   (E)   The sexual and/or genital areas of patrons of establishments required to be permitted under this chapter must be covered with towels, clothes or undergarments when in the presence of a person employed or other patron.
   (F)   No person in any massage establishment under this chapter shall place his or her hand upon, touch with any part of his or her body, fondle in any manner, or massage a sexual and/or genital area of any other person.
   (G)   No person employed in an massage establishment under this chapter shall perform, offer or agree to perform, any act which shall require the touching of the patron's sexual and/or genital area.
   (H)   Every massage establishment shall be open for inspection during all business hours and at other reasonable times by police officers, health and fire inspectors, and duly authorized representatives of the city upon the showing of proper credentials by such persons.
   (I)   Any massage establishment is prohibited from installing or maintaining any lock or similar device on the inside of any door to an area where massage services are provided.  The entrance to the massage establishment shall remain unlocked during business hours.
   (J)   Price rates for all services shall be prominently posted in the reception area in a location available to all prospective customers.
   (K)   No massage establishment shall place, publish, or distribute or cause to be placed, published or distributed any advertisement, picture, or statement which is known or through the exercise of reasonable care, should be known to be false, deceptive or misleading in order to induce any person to purchase or utilize any massage services.
(Ord. 06-99, passed 5-25-99)