(A)   Citation for violation. If the Inspector finds that an environmental public nuisance exists on private property and has not been abated as directed in the written notice to abate, or § 100.19(D), that Inspector may cause a citation for violation of City ordinance to be issued to the offending property owner.
   (B)   Abatement by City on private property. In addition to the issuance of a citation for violation under division (A) of this section, the Inspector, in the name of the Controller of the City, may issue a request to the City to abate the environmental public nuisance, and shall thereafter furnish the Controller with a statement of the actual cost involved in the removal of the nuisance. The actual abatement may be assigned to a City department or contracted out through standard procedures.
   (C)   Responsibility of offender for costs of enforcement. Neighborhood Code Compliance shall make a statement of the actual cost incurred in eliminating the environmental public nuisance. The costs shall include: cost of removal of the public nuisance administrative fees and recording fees. The administrative fees shall not limit whatever might be necessary in costs to enforce this Chapter. Said statement shall be delivered to the property owner by first- class mail. The owner shall pay the amount noted to the City within 30 days after date the invoice is issued, which shall be deposited to the general fund of the department specified to enforce the ordinance.
   (D)   Failure to pay. If the owner fails to pay the amount within 30 days after the date the invoice is issued, a copy of all costs shall be filed in the Office of the Auditor of Allen County for the purpose of placing the amount claimed on the tax duplicate against the property so that the amount claimed can be collected as taxes are collected, subject to the limitations above.
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