(A)   Publication of notice. In lieu of the notice required by § 100.19(D), the City, through the Department of Neighborhood Code Compliance or any other City Department, on three separate occasions may publish a notice in the newspaper of general circulation in the City, that the violation will be remedied by the City and the owner of the property charged with the costs under the provisions of § 100.19(D). The publication shall contain all the information required of the “Notice to Abate.” The City may direct the Contractor to cut weeds as many times as is necessary and charge the actual cost to the property owner.
   (B)   Complaint. Violations under this chapter may be cited by any department of the City which either receives a complaint or identifies a violation regarding an environmental public nuisance on any property within the City, and if needed they may forward that complaint to the Department of Neighborhood Code Compliance.
   (C)   Assignment of complaint. The office of Neighborhood Code Compliance shall thereafter forward the complaint to the Inspector.
   (D)   Notice to abate. In lieu of the publication of notice, when a complaint addresses private property, the Inspector, through the Department of Neighborhood Code Compliance shall serve a Notice to Abate to the owner of the property in question granting that owner a minimum of five (5) calendar days in which to remove the environmental nuisance. This notice shall be served by United States first class mail to the owner, or by a “notice” placard conspicuously posted on the property which contains the following information:
      (1)    The address or parcel number of the property,
      (2)   The date of the notice,
      (3)   The address and the telephone number of the Department of Neighborhood Code Compliance,
      (4)   A warning that if the environmental public nuisance is not removed within five calendar days after posting, the City will direct the Contractor to abate the nuisance and seek recovery of the costs involved in the removal of the nuisance.
      (5)   A short and plain statement of the owner’s or occupant’s right to object to the notice and the manner and time for making such objection.
   Neighborhood Code Compliance, after posting a notice to abate, as a courtesy may serve to the owner of the subject property a copy of the notice by regular United States first class mail. Failure to give such written notice shall not constitute a defense to any action to enforce the provisions of § 100.18.
   (E)   Inspection. Following the expiration of the notice to abate, a Contractor shall visually inspect the property to determine whether an environmental public nuisance exists. If an environmental public nuisance exists, immediate action shall be taken to abate that nuisance in accordance with this chapter.
   (F)   Abatement by City on governmental property. Where the complaint addresses governmental property, and it is determined by the Inspector that a violation exists and threatens the health and safety of the people of the City, the Inspector may direct the City to immediately enter upon the premises and remove the environmental public nuisance.
(‘74 Code, § 32-5) (Ord. G-09- 88, passed 5-24-88; Am. Ord. G- 06-92, passed 2-20-92; Am. Ord. G-11-02, passed 4-23-02; Am. Ord. G-19-23, passed 7-11-23) Penalty, see § 100.99