(A)   Except as otherwise determined by the Chief of the Fire Department, the site plans submitted to the City Planning Department in support of an application for a building permit to construct any building shall be submitted to the Fire Department for review. When any plans are submitted, the Fire Chief shall cause a review of them and determine whether any building or structure on the land to be developed is, or will by virtue of the development, become in excess of the requirements of § 94.15 for fire hydrants and fire apparatus access roads. If, on review, it is determined either that the fire protection facilities or access roads are not required or that they are adequately provided for in the plans, the Fire Chief or his designee shall endorse his approval thereon. If adequate provision for such facilities or roads is not made, the Fire Chief or his designee shall either disapprove the plans and indicate to the City Planning Department in writing wherein they are deficient or approve the plans subject to conditions.
   (B)   No final inspection under the municipal code as to all or any portion of the development shall be deemed completed unless and until the installation of the prescribed facilities and access ways has been completed and the final approval thereof of the Fire Department is given as provided therein. The final inspection shall be conducted solely to implement the enforcement of the provisions of this section and shall in no manner be deemed an assurance on the part of the city that these facilities and access ways are or will continue to be in good working order.
(Ord. G-28-99, passed 12-28-99)