(A)   All installation of on-site fire protection shall be in accordance to code in effect at the time of construction. A complete set of plans and specifications for fire protection systems, including fire alarm systems, automatic sprinkler systems, standpipe systems and other special types of fire extinguishing systems and appurtenances thereto shall be submitted to the Department for review. The installation shall be at the expense of the owner or developer.
   (B)   All Fire Department connections to sprinkler systems and stand pipes shall be a 5" storz connection with 30 degree elbow angled down.
   (C)   Installation certification. Upon completion of any and all on-site fire, smoke and/or life safety protection appliances or systems, the contractor shall submit to the Fire Marshal and/or Fire Code Enforcement Division, a written certification that any and all appliances or systems have been installed in accordance with the approved plans and NFPA Standards.
   (D)   Enforcement of provisions. The Fire Department shall be charged with the duty of enforcing the terms of this section.
(Ord. G-28-99, passed 12-28-99; Am. Ord G-23-14, passed 11-18-14)