(A)   It is unlawful for any person to operate a sexually oriented business without a valid sexually oriented business license issued by the Town Planner pursuant to this chapter.
   (B)   An application for a license must be made on a form prescribed by the Town Planner. An application must be accompanied by a sketch or diagram showing the configuration of the premises, including a statement of total floor space occupied by the business. The sketch or diagram need not be professionally prepared but must be drawn to a designated scale or drawn with marked dimensions of the interior of the premises.
   (C)   The applicant may request and the applicant shall provide such information as to enable the Town Planner to determine whether each applicant meets the qualifications established in this chapter.
   (D)   Each applicant must be qualified under § 156.04 and each applicant shall be considered a licensee if a license is granted.
   (E)   Each applicant must request and receive a special use permit when required by the local zoning ordinance.
(Ord. passed 4-4-05; Am. Ord. 2017-011, passed 7-3-17)  Penalty, see § 156.99