The following are prohibited within the jurisdiction of this chapter:
   (A)   Any non-governmental sign that resembles a public safety warning or traffic sign;
   (B)   Signs, whether temporary or permanent, within any public street or highway right-of-way or  placed upon a utility pole, and unauthorized signs are forfeited to the public and are subject to confiscation, with the exception of:
      (1)   Governmental signage, including signs to identify public property convey public information, direct or regulate pedestrian or vehicle traffic;
      (2)   Informational signs of a public utility regarding its poles, lines, pipes, or facilities;
      (3)   Awning, projecting, and suspended signs over a public right of way so long as they do not interfere with function of the right of way and the comply with this chapter and the Unified Development Ordinance, as applicable; and
      (4)   Signs for community festivals or events permitted by the Town of Franklin;
   (C)   Flashing signs;
   (D)   Roof signs;
   (E)   Any sign or sign structure which does not conform to the building codes or creates in any way an unsafe distraction for motor vehicle operators. (See Flashing Signs definition), or obstructs the view of motor vehicle operators entering a public roadway;
   (F)   Abandoned signs, where the business or activity which the sign refers has ceased to operate or function or use the sign for 180 or more days;
   (G)   New off-premises advertising signs following the adoption of this chapter;
   (H)   Portable signs, except as provided for in § 155.09(A) and § 155.11(B)(1) and (2); and
   (I)   Signs on fences except public-owned ball field advertising/sponsorship fence signs, and except delivery directional signage in an I-1 zoning district.
(Ord. passed 3-1-10; Am. Ord. passed 2-7-11)