The following on premises signs shall not require a permit and shall not be counted as part of the allowable sign area. However, such signs shall conform to the requirements set forth below, as well as other applicable requirements of this chapter.
   (A)   Private information signs. Signs containing information to direct pedestrian or vehicular traffic or informing the public of private regulations shall be located on the premises for which directions or information are indicated. Such signs shall not exceed three square feet per face, two faces per sign, and shall not exceed three feet in height if freestanding or six feet in height if attached to the principal or an accessory structure. These signs may be directly or internally (indirectly) illuminated with lighting limited to the sign face. Lighting that casts shadows away from the sign shall not be permitted. Restaurants will be allowed one sandwich or attached type, menu sign not to exceed four square feet.
   (B)   Copy changes and maintenance. No permit is required for copy changes made to a changeable copy sign, menu board or marquee sign. No permit is required for maintenance carried out in accordance with the provisions in § 155.13 and where no structural changes are made. No permit is required for copy changes to an existing sign, made where the size, shape, or height of the sign is not altered, made more non-conforming, or otherwise modified provided, however, outdoor advertising devices may be repaired or reconstructed as permitted by G.S. § 136-131.2.
   (C)   Residential identification signs. Signs which provide the name and/or address of an individual residence, either attached or free-standing, indirectly or non-illuminated, provided no sign shall exceed two square feet in size per sign face.
   (D)   In any residential district. One real estate sign, not exceeding four square feet per sign face area shall be permitted per street frontage. Real estate signs for property over three acres shall comply with the standards for business, commercial or industrial real estate signs.
   (E)   In any business, commercial or industrial district, a real estate sign shall be permitted on the premises for sale, rent or lease. Such sign shall be non-illuminated, not exceed 32 square feet in area per sign face and if free-standing, shall not exceed eight feet in height.
   (F)   Temporary signs. Temporary signs do not require a permit; provided, such signs shall be located on the premises where the event occurs and shall be erected or placed not to exceed 30-days prior to the event, and shall be removed after the event concludes. Signs may not be temporarily posted and removed for the purpose of evading enforcement under this section. Total square footage of such signs shall not exceed 50% of the allowed sign area for the property as indicated in § 155.11.
   (G)   Off-premises directional signs. Such signs shall not exceed two square feet in area and shall not be illuminated. Such signs shall not be placed in the public right-of-way and will consist of only the company name and a directional arrow. Permission must be obtained from the property owner before placement.
(Ord. passed 3-1-10; Am. Ord. passed 4-19-21)