The following signs are exempt from the regulations of this chapter, except where such signs would be prohibited under § 155.10.
   (A)   Signs not visible from beyond the boundaries of the property on which they are located.
   (B)   Signs of a governmental body, including traffic warning or regulatory signs and devices. These signs shall also include other governmental signs including building identification, directional, information, and welcome signs.
   (C)   Trade names and graphics which are located on gas pumps, newspaper, and soft drink and similar vending devices.
   (D)   Flags or insignia of any governmental, non-profit, or business organization.
   (E)   Seasonal/holiday signs and decorations associated with a national or religious holiday.
   (F)   Warning of danger signs posted by utility or construction companies.
   (G)   Signs painted on or attached to licensed operational vehicles used in the normal day-to-day operations of the business indicating the name of the business, unless the primary use of the vehicle is for the display of signs.
   (H)   Signs required by law, statute, or ordinance.
   (I)   No trespassing, no loitering and similar private warning signs.
   (J)   Incidental signs.
   (K)    Special event signs and special event directional signs related to events sponsored by non-profit organizations. Signs must be removed within three days of the end of the event.
   (L)   Political signs. Signs must be removed within three days after the election.
   (M)   Construction site identification signs.
   (N)   Signs painted on or displayed in windows.
(Ord. passed 3-1-10; Am. Ord. passed 4-19-21)