(A)   When services are discontinued and all bills paid, the deposit will be refunded.
   (B)   Upon discontinuance of service for nonpayment of bill, the deposit will be applied by the town toward settlement of the account.  Any balance will be refunded to the consumer; but if the deposit is not sufficient to cover the bill, the town may proceed to collect the balance in the usual way provided by law for the collection of debts.
   (C)   Service discontinued for nonpayment of bills will be restored only after: bills are paid in full; redeposit is made; and a service charge is paid for meter reconnection as follows: 
                     Inside      Outside
      ¾-inch meter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50          $75
      1-inch, 1½-inch and 4-inch meters . . . .  . 75          100
   (D)   The town reserves the right to discontinue its services without notice for the following additional reasons:
      (1)   To prevent fraud or abuse.
      (2)   Consumers willful disregard of the town’s rules.
      (3)   Emergency repairs.
      (4)   Insufficiency of supply due to circumstances beyond the town’s control.
      (5)   Legal processes.
      (6)   Direction of public authorities.
      (7)   Strike, riot, fire, flood, accident or any unavoidable cause.
   (E)   In addition to prosecution by law, the town may permanently refuse service to any consumer who tampers with a meter or other measuring device.
(Ord. passed 2-2-81; Am. Ord. passed 9-5-95)  Penalty, see § 10.99