(A)   (1)   In addition to any other remedies cited in this code of ordinances for the enforcement of the provisions of this code of ordinances, the regulations and standards contained in this code of ordinances may be enforced through the issuance of citations by the appropriate town official.  These citations shall be in the form of a civil penalty.  The town may recover this penalty in a civil action in the nature of a debt if the offender does not pay the penalty within 72 hours after being cited for a violation.  In addition, failure to pay the civil penalty within 72 hours may subject the violator to criminal charges of not more than $50 or imprisonment for not more than 30 days, as set forth in G.S. § 14-4(a).  The following civil penalties are established for violations under this section:
         (a)    Warning citation (to be issued in the discretion of the issuing officer):  correct violation within ten days.
         (b)   First citation, $25.
         (c)   Second citation for same offense, $100.
         (d)   Third and subsequent citation for same offense, $200.
      (2)   These civil penalties are in addition to any other penalties which may be imposed by a court for violation of the provisions of this code of ordinances.
   (B)    In addition to the foregoing enforcement provisions, this chapter may be enforced by any remedy provided in G.S. § 160A-175, including, but not limited to, all appropriate equitable remedies issued from a court of complete jurisdiction as provided in G.S. § 160A-175(e).  This section specifically provides that each day's continuing violation shall be a separate and distinct offense.
(Am. Ord. 2021-007, passed 7-6-2021)