Police Department
EDITOR'S NOTE:  The Village enters into Agreements from time to time with the Labor Council, Michigan Fraternal Order of Police, which Agreements provide for benefits and other incidents of employment for patrolmen and sergeants of the Village Police Department.  Copies of the latest such Agreement, and of the latest relevant legislation, may be obtained, at cost, from the Village Clerk.
242.01   Reserve police officers.
242.02   Retirement.
   Chief of Police - see CHTR. Ch. III, § 8(b), (c)
   Appointments - see CHTR. Ch. III, §§ 15, 25
   Duties and powers of officers and employees generally - see CHTR. Ch. III, § 19
   Oath of office - see CHTR. Ch. III, § 24
   Alarm systems - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 1060