(a)   The Building Official, in granting or denying any application for a permit, shall take into consideration the zoning of the proposed site and all pertinent factors and circumstances concerning the proposed application which may concern the health, safety, and general welfare of the public, the preservation of natural resources and the prevention of nuisances and hazards.
   (b)   Any permit for which an application is made, as provided for in Section 1462.04, shall be denied if it appears from the investigation thereof that the project would remove the lateral and subjacent support of the adjacent land, interfere with or obstruct drainage, result in a nuisance dangerous to public safety, or that it otherwise would in any matter endanger the public health, or prevent the preservation of natural resources or be detrimental to the general public welfare.
(Ord. 104. Passed 11-29-69; Ord. 2014-01.  Passed 2-10-14.)